Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Here's hoping for a brighter tomorrow?

First post on my blog, and I decided I would try to avoid the "first post awkwardness" as I would like to call it. So let's consider it avoided, and I'll jump right into what I wanted my post to be about. Which are the...

One might ask, "Kate, why are you thinking about sunglasses- the sun hasn't shown in months?" 
Well first I may respond, "Shut up, I have very sensitive eyes.."
but really, the sun can't hide forever? I even checked- tomorrow there is supposed to be SUN!
I usually am not too fond of round sunglasses on my face, but for some reason I feel like I could make these work! They are super cute, and very affordable (which is good, considering I either lose or break my sunglasses within a month.) And don't they have a nice vintage-inspired feel?

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