Monday, December 5, 2011

Growing out a pixie Month 1

Hey everyone, I have gotten a couple questions from people regarding growing out a pixie cut. I think I have decided to grow it out, since it is winter and I can hide it with hats easier… haha. I am in love with having short hair because its so easy, however I Get bored with hair styles quickly and I’ve had this one almost a year.
So… if only I can stick with it growing out.
I will update about once a month with my progress. This being my first photo. Just so you know, I haven’t had a hair cut in a couple of months and this is what stage I am in.
I plan on giving tips on how to grow  it out successfully , styling etc. 
If you have questions leave them below :)
So wish me luck. I am going to do my first trim tonight (in the back because it grows out faster)

And if I end up not liking the longer look, I will cut it again in time for summer! :)

1 comment:

  1. Love your pixie:) Its a pity you're growing it out.. I'm growing out my fringe too. I'll be keeping an eye on your advice ;)

    Cheers from Australia,


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