Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Back Packin' to Ohio

Well- it's time for my spring break to start. I'm off to Ohio to see the family and view my school for the fall... so I thought, why not post pictures of back packs? I am in great need of one due to a highlighter exploding in my current bag, which is okay because I was long overdue for a new one anyway.
Here are a few of my picks... which all come from Urban Outfitters. I feel like they always have a good selection with bags. I'm not quite sure which one I'm leaning towards yet..?

Will Canvas and Leather

Deux Lux

P.S. I do plan on posting better quality pictures and layouts rather than just pasting. However, I have been lacking time lately due to work, school, etc. I also plan on actually posting pictures of my outfits soon! 
Maybe since it is getting warmer, I will have more energy to go outside and take some shots.

P.P.S Have a good week (spring break?) and I will post when I get back!

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