Saturday, May 7, 2011

Cleaning Out My Closet...

So while reading one of my favorite sites, GOOP, I came across an article with tips on organizing your closet for this coming spring. Let me tell you, I am such a pack rat when it comes to clothes. I worry if things will come in style again or I feel an item just has "sentimental" value attached to it.

If you are the same way, this article is definitely for you!


Clos-ette’s Melanie Fascitelli’s 8 Tips to Organize the Perfect Closet:

Take Inventory and Edit: Listen up all you pack rats: it’s time to say goodbye to those high-school jeans that don’t fit! Here are the four criteria for keeping a clothing item (and sentimental value isn’t one of them!):
  1. Does the item stand the test of time? (broken-in cowboy boots may not be an everyday item, but you’ll wear them again one day)
  2. Would you buy the item again today if you had the chance?
  3. Have you worn it in the past 12 months?
  4. Is the item in good condition? (yellow pit stains or a sweater that’s pilling are not getting you anywhere! 

You can find more organizing tips from the GOOP link above!

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