Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bow-tiful Shorts

Bow-tiful Shorts

Vila camel short, 21 GBP
Paul Joe Sister blue short, $193
Miss Selfridge pleated short, 34 GBP
Vila gray short, 18 GBP

Well today mother nature surprised us all with 90' weather!... which made me realize how much I really need shorts! After all my closet cleaning, I have been left with nothing to wear for spring/summer! Very disappointing, but also an opportunity to buy great new items!

I love these shorts because they aren't the everyday jean shorts... and I love the bows on each of them, it gives them all a great, girly feel!

*On another note. Today was my last day of class, and I have finished my Marketing Management/Apparel Merchandising AAS degree. So hello University of Cincinnati, watch out this fall! ;)

And congrats to any of my followers who are done with school for the summer!! 

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  1. I love these! They're so cute; I would love some for this summer. A great alternative to denim.


  2. Love the gray shorts!!



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