Friday, May 13, 2011

DIY Shorts

Hey everyone! So the weather has been getting warmer which made me realize my need for shorts! I was going to give a couple of pairs of old jeans to a local consignment store, but then I thought... why would I do that if I could make them into shorts?! 
So I decided to do a DIY, so you all could see how I made my shorts!

Things you need: Box (any kind), Scissors, Sand paper or Nail File, and a pair of Jeans

Cut Shorts at Desired Length + an inch ( I like to cut them longer at first)
Put the end of the shorts at the edge of the box.
Take nail file or sand paper and fray ends by side to side motion or up and down motion.
Do this until desired look is reached.
Remember: After you wash them they will look more frayed.
And Voila! This is before I washed my shorts.
I folded up the ends but you can leave them down if you would like!

See, that wasn't too hard was it? Have a good Friday the 13th everyone! OOohhhHH!! Watch out for the black cats!

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  1. this sounds fun! nice post :)

  2. cool!!! nice blog, check out mine!!

  3. I love diy-ing shorts, the color of the denim is lovely! Great blog :)


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